Attach a number count next to a record

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I'm not sure how to ask this, so google isn't turning up helpful....

Essential, I have a list of items, and I need to identify the sequential number/count next to it...again, not sure how to ask in words, so here is a screen shot of what I have and what I want to happen.


My actual data set is 10K+ rows so need a formula to do this for me.  :)




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You can apply this formula.

attach number next to a record.JPG


Let's say the data are in cell A2 and down.


If the same values are always together, as in your example, enter the following formula in B2:

=IF(A2=A1, B1+1, 1)

If the values could be intermingled, enter the following formula in B2:

=COUNTIF(A$2:A2, A2)

In both cases, fill down from B2 to the end of the data.