Assigned job tickets to multiple people automatically

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I have a main excel spreadsheet everyday for job tickets that operation teams completed on yesterday. 

I have 5 members who are auditing the jobs tickets, they working on 5 separate excel files. Every morning, I have to check their schedule and allocate right amount of ticket to their worksheet and put the rest in 'Overflow' worksheet. I am wondering instead of copy/paste the main excel to individual. Is there a better way to do it? What the function can make it work?  


I want to put a number against each name, then the numbers of job tickets can automatically add in each excel file. (all files save on share point)



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first what are the categories of job tickets, next based on previous historical information how long does each person spend to get the particular job ticket category take, next who's good at which category, gathering all these information you can use in your formula logic to forecast which category job ticket to assign.  In other words you rank each person on each job ticket category so you'll know which preferred job ticket you want to assign to each person based on their rank on how fast they can work on whichever category they're good at.