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I need to create a CSV file containing all possible articles: combinations + prices to upload to my website. This concerns 10,000th articles. I have already included all combinations in this list, but now the prices still have to be added here. Each cell (text) has a specific value. Let's say: Bicycle shelter 1500mm has a standard price of: € 500 /// possible options: surcharge coated version: € 250 /// + surcharge including waste bin 50 € /// surcharge LED light: € 150 ///


Is it possible to give the text cells a value:
Bicycle shelter 1500mm = €500
Coated version = €250
Waste bin = € 50,-
LED light = € 150


If so, I can release a formula in the Excel sheet so that it calculates the total price of the shelter by itself.

My customer can put together the desired shelter on my website. after which a total price is displayed.


Below a screenshot from the sheet. Hope it is clear and thanks in advance for your help!!


Schermafbeelding 2022-07-05 085226.png

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