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I hope someone can help to explain how the "Assign a task" works in excel comment. I notice when someone assigned me a task by creating a comment on Excel, and click assign a task. I would get an email notification about the task, but this task is not shown anywhere in my task on outlook, teams or to do. 


Anyone can help to explain.




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I have same question - looking to follow

Question is in excel you can add a "Comment" to a cell and using the @XXXXX function flag it for someone getting a notification via e-mail and with the web version you can "Assign To" - Where can these be found as a summary

These tasks do not show up anywhere on the task app or planner or even outlook

Comment / Assigning can be done on all MS 365 apps ) word, PP, Excel, etc etc

But seems to have no link to anything taggable outside the said document

I have the same issue - maybe we should upvote it
Same problem as you - may we should upvote it
I have the same problem as well. I read an article that Microsoft will fully integrate TO DO with Excel, Word and Powerpoint in Q1 2021, but I can't find a solution.
Time is dragging on this. Has anyone spotted anything more specific other than "in the future"



@Shane O' Malley Perhaps the blog post in the link below is what you are looking for. Came out about two weeks ago. Insiders only, though. 

Hi Riny and thanks for that. It is not quite what i was looking for but good that they are moving forward and making it available in full excel and not just the web version.
What i was wondering about is where that "Task" appears in the various "To Do" solutions microsoft have. There were previous mentions (As far back as 2020) that it would appear in our new smart to do lists which i would thought would be the To-Do app but it does not seem to be implemented. Perhaps they were waiting for the full excel functionality to be implimented before they moved on to that. That might mean we will see it soon (Hopefully)

@Shane O' Malley 

Same here - we are using the feature and great about excel. BUT it only sends an email, no addition to a co-ordinated task list - fingers crossed