Are there better options to if then else in excel 365?

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I have a case here where I have to find out with prodoct code to use under certain circumstances. 


To be more secific I created a Spreatsheat where Id like to create shipment labels for customers out o. 


So If I have 5 types of shipping boxes each of them have a net weight and a volume weight How to find out which one of them is the bigger one to select the shipment-code from another table to determine the shipment price code?


That sounds wierd and that's the feeling I am at right now. cause i stuck right now.


So to break it up into parts a bit.


1. How to determine the type of a box depending on the number of items to put in.

2. How to find out which weight is bigger ( net weight or Volume weight) afterward

3. How to return a Shipment Code (containing the shipment price) depending on

the box size and higher weight value.


Let's say we have something like this


Parcel for 1 Person Size s 1 Present Weight 20 grams actual weight 29 gramms volume weight 10 grams

Parcel for 2 people Size M 2 Presents 40 grams

Parcel for 3 people Size L 3 presents x gramms

Parcel for 4 people Size XL ..


Is it possible to do it with cascaded if-then-else? Are there better options to get the pricing code depending on higher weight and package size?


I am a little bit lost here, cause I don't know how to find an example I can start with to solve thaat problem,


Any Help would be much appreciated.


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Can you please drop some sample file?
It will help us to assist you accordingly.

@Juliano-Petrukio  Sure. I don't know if it helps. I just like to male sure to output the shipment label code depending on weight, volume weight, and size of a box. But it seems I am not as good with Excel as I thought I am.


Here is the original Excel filled up with random names instead of real ones and translated as good as possible to make it easier.!Al3f2touX7O6gpcBfUVhsxE2AWx3mQ?e=GA2LNe