Are excel files saved in excel 365 compatible to opening in excel 2016

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Are excel files saved in excel 365 compatible to opening in excel 2016? When I open a file in excel 2016 that was previously saved in excel 365, this errors occur, We found a problem with some content in ... Do you want us to try to recover as much as we can?  After selecting yes, this message occur, Removed Part: /xl/printerSettings/printerSettings10.bin part. (Print options). How should the document be saved in excel 365 to allow opening without errors in excel 2016?

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Would reply directly with Noyes.  ...You find Microsoft Link, further down.
As far as I know, despite the same file extension, files from different Office versions are not compatible with each other. Even within the same version, but with different update status, the files can differ.
In certain situations strange behavior can occur, especially of Excel documents. One thing is certain, however, there is certainly a topic here that nobody wants to know and nobody wants to admit.

Microsoft does not consistently adhere to the .xlsx format. In particular, there is no compatibility between Excel 2016 and Excel 365 and Excel 2019.


In order not to be misunderstood, for me it is Microsoft Office is very extensive software.
In terms of price, it is the ultimate solution and no normal company could offer such a range of functions at these conditions.
But (and always in my opinion) Microsoft Office, regardless of whether it is Office 365, Office 2019 or even older versions, is from the outset not professional software or industry software in the sense of developing for special solutions.

Some things take your time, but patience is not the virtue of a customer, that's why you can only inquire and the best thing in Microsoft .... you can also suggest that something be changed or added.

Use Excel with earlier versions of Exce


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365 and 2016 are not fully compatible, but your error is most probably related to different network environment and/or printer driver settings. 

Not sure how to fix, try to play with default printing settings.