Apply a specific cell color within a time range

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So what I really wanted to do is there is a timeframe. The only data that i need to use in the given sample data is the time not the date. I wanted to color the specific cell to YELLOW if the time is between 0700 - 1459 then color ORANGE when the time is between 1500-2359.


Is there a way for this to be done in conditional formatting or this needs to be coded in vba?


received time
9/15/22 0715
9/15/22 1715
9/15/22 2315



Thank you in advance for all of the help that will be commented here.

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@alexisnamaneh You could use the following Conditional Formatting rules:


For yellow:


For Orange:

I really wanted to thank you for this!

I wanted to maximize this opportunity to ask another question same with this scenario but what i want to happen is when the cell color is yellow. What i wanted to happen next is the whole row of B3 will be color yellow.

Still thank you for your help Riny_van_Eekelen!

@alexisnamaneh Change the rule to:


and apply it to, for instance, to =$A$3:$I$3 or to =$3:$3 if you rely want to apply it to the entire row (i.e. across 16000+ columns).

got it! thank you so much for the help