APPEND power query to tell me if a contained query has not loaded ??

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Hi , i have an APPENDED query that appends about 10 other queries. Can i get excel to tell me on the main workbook ( i.e not having to go into PQ editor ) if one of the queries doesnt load(refresh) properly. i am fearful that when i refresh the append , if one of my queries hasnt loaded correctly, the append will just show me ( for the offending error query ) the data previously loaded and not actually tell me that one of my queries has no or data errors.


my code for the append is 

= Table.Combine({SetManualTrn, SetManualOpen, SETNegs, SETRPaps, SETRPNews, SETRPOrange, SETRPYear, SetSPNaap, SetTFTaps, SETTFTrnLow})

#"Replaced Value" = Table.ReplaceValue(Source,null,"dg",Replacer.ReplaceValue,{"Dg Name"})
#"Replaced Value"


So for example IF table query "SETNegs" , which is just one query in the appended above, if that had an error in the data and didnt load. how can i get the APPEND to tell me that.


As it stands i think the APPEND just shows me the data of the "SETNegs" before and when i last did load correctly.


I would greatly appreciate anyones help on how to get the APPEND to show me tables in the append that havent loaded or "refreshed" - preferably on the worksheet.


thanks, please ask any questions if i havent been clear.


much apprecaited


steve reeves

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