@ appears in my sheet reference formula - macro

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So I have the above formula and i am trying to populate the same in a cell using a macro, but when i run the macro it changes to =INDEX(Notes!K5:K122,(MATCH(1,IF(@Notes!$H$5:$H$122<=Sheet2!C6,IF(@Notes!$I$5:$I$122>=Sheet2!C6,1)),0))) and the formula doesn't work, but i remove the "@" it works fine.  


Any idea why the "@" is coming up ?   I think its the new way of referencing a sheet in the new excel, but not sure what should be the correct version

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This is a new feature introduced in Office 365 Version 1912 wich is used with dynamic array formulas. 


I have written an article about this, it is in Turkish however you can use translated page as below.