Any Year Calendar with Public Holidays Template

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Can anyone help, I think the "Any Year Calendar with Public Holidays" template is great, but I want to add a start date and end date to the holiday dates as some that I want to add are more than one day long.  Any thoughts on how I do this?

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I'd simply enter all holidays into the list. So for example, if a three-day holiday starts on April 4, enter April 4, April 5 and April 6 in the list.

Modifying the template to accept start and end dates would be a lot of work.

@HansVogelaar  thank you for this.  I did want to add school holidays onto this calendar too - so adding each day would be too much especially as I am adding all European holidays and US holidays...  is there another calendar template you can suggest that has already been set up that would be a better one to use?


I haven't been able to find such a template, sorry.