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Okay I see things being solved all the time that seem relatively easy, I am trying to get a few things to happen at once, and while I can figure out how to do them basically each separately I cannot seem to string them together as needed.  Any help would be much appreciated.


Win/Lose?Wager/unitsOdds @ betPossible PayoutMoney Won/LostTotal PayoutTotal Bankroll 






A few explanations:

Column E,F,G are manual input (mandatory when in use)

Column H formula Returns as intended, however shows DIV error (I want that blank until input is i9n from other sources)

=IF(G2>1,'Totals Hidden'!$C$3*'Unit money'!F2*('Unit money'!G2/100), 'Totals Hidden'!$C$3*F2/(-G2/100))

Column I Returns properly when dealing with positive numbers only.

=SUM('Unit money'!C5*F4)+H4

I want to link this to Column F to return a negative result if F="L" and a positive result if F="W" and blank result is F="". (based on F*'Totals Hidden'!C3)

Column J should return 0.00 if the math is not done yet, or blank(Preferred). 

=IF(ISNA(I15),0,I15)+('Unit money'!F15*'Totals Hidden'!$C$3) - this is still only adding due to issue in Column I I believe


Column K should return bankroll total (IE Gains/Losses totals based on each gain or loss (with a base number to start) or blank if no math has been done. It is currently only repeating column I on each line due to that error, and not totaling a +- based on win/loss



I know this is a lot, but I learn be reading/doing  and so it will help a lot in future endeavors.

attached is current status of spreadsheet





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Does the attached version do what you want?