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Good day all

Does anyone know how to convert an angle (or time) into a decimal format and then visa versa

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Not sure if I understand your question. Do you mean convert from degrees into radians?
Hi Johnthefisherman
No .... I would like to decimalize an angle ie: 30 degrees 30 minutes 30 seconds = 30.50833336
and then do it backwards ie: 30.50833336 = 30.30.30
Thanks for that.
That's how I've been doing it, I was hoping for an easier answer maybe a function or formulae embedded in excel ..... but thanks for your help


With a text value such as 30.30.30 in A2, the formula


will return the decimal equivalent.

The other way round, with 30.50833333 in C2, the formula


will return the text value 30.30.30

It would be relatively easy to modify the formulas for the format 30°30'30"

And if you prefer, you could create custom VBA functions.

You're a champion .... it works ... thankyou
Could you take it another step further?
My software outputs 30.30.30 as 30.3030 (only one decimal point)
What is a VBA function?
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Are you sure that you copied and edited the formula correctly?

For cells in which you enter a value such as 30.30.3: either format the cells as text before entering data, or prefix the values with an apostrophe ' to force Excel to treat them as text.


I have attached a sample workbook with two VBA functions: DMS2Dec and Dec2DMS. You can view them by pressing Alt+F11.

(Remark: VBA only works in the desktop version of Excel for Windows or Mac OSX, not in Excel for Android or iOS, nor in the online/browser version of Excel)


The workbook is a macro-enabled workbook (.xlsm), so you'll have to allow macros when you open it.

Thanks Hans you've been very helpful