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i wish to express the following range of scores in a single cell that will then appear in type as either low, medium or high, based on a given score: 

Low 10-24, Medium 25-34, High 35-50 

this is the formula i have created so far =IF(AND(H8>=10,H8<=24),"Low") which has given me "Low" but i cannot figure out how to include medium or high in the formula! can anyone spare the time to write out the appropriate formula? please and thank you, Dylan  

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I would like to suggest two possible formula one is standard IF,, AND another is little tricky.


=IF(AND(H8>=10,H8<=24),"Low",IF(AND(H8>=25,H8<=34),"Medium",IF(AND(H8>=35,H8<=50),"High","No Data")))


Another is: 

=VLOOKUP($H$8,{10,"Low";25,"Medium";35,"High";51,"No Data"},2)


  • Adjust cell references in the formula as needed.