An unwanted but added note when pasting

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Suddenly, again, whenever I copy something from online and then paste it into Excel, I get this added note.  For an example, I just started another conversation about "copying and pasting" and wanted to copy it into a journal I keep on such things in Excel,  When i pasted in what I had copied, this note appeared on the line above what I had copied: 

<img height="1" width="1" style="display:none" src="" />


I don't even have facebook open, and do not want these added notes because I am not expecting them but when they appear, they throw off everythiong because what I do want is a line below where I expected it to be and thus it sometimes erases material I do want so I have to cancel the paste, go back into Excel and add some cells in and then try to copy and paste it all over again.  This has happened previously but when I did a download of an update, it went away and now it is back again.  What is it, why is it, how do I permanently stop it from happening ever again?  It is causing me to pull my hair out and I am truly sorry but I simply cannot afford that!  I think I only have about eight left so I need a fix quickly.  Thank you!!!


To whomever is changing my post, I have copied CTRL+C and pasted CTRL+V EXACTLY as it appears when it was pasted in to my spreadsheet so please do not change it again!  Thank you!!

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Can say nothing about copy/pasting from web, as for facebook link - this site uses Facebook Pixel Code (we are all tracked in the web, this site is not an exception)

<!-- Facebook Pixel Code -->
fbq('init', '261115950980540'); // Insert your pixel ID here.
fbq('track', 'PageView');
<noscript><img height="1" width="1" style="display:none"
<!-- DO NOT MODIFY -->
<!-- End Facebook Pixel Code -->

Edge and IE copy paste the part of that code into the Excel if you paste as HTML, no such issue with Opera and Vivaldi. Have no other browsers.


Above is only to say that code has nothing common with your personal activities on facebook, you may have no account on it at all.


Sorry to say, that is pretty much typical of Microsoft.  If it makes no sense whatsoever, it will be connected to Microsoft.  It did not use to be that way and in fact, the first some versions of windows and excel were very good.  But the continueing search for the "new & improved versions" have apparently left the folks at microsoft scratching their heads until someone yells out, "I have it" and whether or not it makes any sense, they move on.  Today's version of Excel is cumbersome and does many things that should not be done in that when  you begin doing something in Excel, Microsoft takes over, jumps in, thinks they know what  you are going to do and does it for you.  There is but one problem:  it is not usually what I want to do and from what I hear, it is not what most others want to do.  Further, I am completely convinced that instead of coming off the last version of Excel and adding to it, Microsoft is writing a new version to be released and they take out so much that is useful.  Maybe that is done for the benefit of develpers and I have nothing against develpers but if that is what Microsoft wants to do, then there should be separate versions of Excel for users and for developers so I guess we would end up with Excel U and Excel D.  I am beginning to look at other available spreadsheets as I do love the spreadsheet application and so much can be done in rather than just spreadsheet apps.  Further, in my humble opinion, Word is so messed up, I seldom use it any longer instead prefering to do it in Excel.

Oh well, one can only hope and dream of what "could" be instead of what we get.  It is also, to me at least, obvious that Microsoft does not read these things or they would see what people think but then of course, perhaps they do not want that information, right?