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Hi everybody 

My question is : if my windows 10 version wasn't an original ( not activated) and my Microsoft office version was an original ( activated) .. will the microsoft office work well here? Or its gonna be effected negatively because of the win version not original?

in other meaning :

I'll buy an activation for Microsoft office to ensure it will work well .. but the windows version, I'll not buy an original (activation) because it is expensive.. I'll activate it from an internet (Crack) 

So, in this case... do I ensure that the Microsoft office will work normally without problems?

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When Windows 10 will not activate.

Nothing happens at the beginning and for 30 days, because Microsoft allows everyone to test Windows for 30 days, after which there will probably be some restrictions.

This does not mean that Windows cannot be used, but with major limitations.
It's kind of like Office, you can use Office Online for free on the web with limited features compared to a subscription or desktop version you have purchased.


If you don't activate Windows, you have some limitations in using it and you may not be able to access advanced features of the Windows operating system.
Here are some potential downsides:
Watermark on the screen (bottom right corner of the screen) that says Activate Windows.
Personalization settings probably not accessible.
You may miss some Windows updates.

Some things that will probably not be possible after 30 days at the latest.

You may be able to use a cracked Windows product key to activate your Windows, but that's not a good idea. Aside from not being legal, the key can easily be blocked by Microsoft. I strongly recommend that you activate your computer with a legitimate MS Windows license. After all, you only have to buy a license key once and use it for almost a lifetime.
For me it makes no sense to use a cracked Windows product key.


Thank you for your understanding and patience



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Thanks so much for all these informations :folded_hands::folded_hands:
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