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Is there any way to find the foreclosure value of a loan on a given period from a loan repayment table (amt varies through months) through IRR method in a single formula or a combination of formulas ( e.g.: PMT() function but this formula gives only on an equal repayment monthly. If the repayment differs, is there any other way?)

Inputs will be  Principle amount, Rate %(irr),EM

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You can find the PV of the paid loan installment

then see how much is left from the loan and send it to the month needed.

 this would be the amount needed.

see the file

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I am attaching an excel file  . Will it be possible to find the high lighted answer through single formula or group of combination of formulas






The answer in month 6 shouldn't always be 2350 .

It depends on the payments before


anyways the NPV  at 0 or FV at month 12 should be 0




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My question was also the same


If the Monthly repayment is irregular (i.e 1st Month 500, 2nd Month, 475, 3rd Month 300....) what will be the F.A for the 7th  Months


From the table , since the  repayment is constant (i.e 428/-) the F.A was arrived to  2531 for the 7th month.


How  would we calculate with a  formula or series of formulas to arrive in a single cell , if the repayment is not constant.









Please find what you want in the orange cells

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