Allowing Editing Access for certain users

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I am needing to share a workbook with a team of people, but only allow editing access to three people.  How can I go about doing this?  

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it depends on how you are sharing. OneDrive: I would let the sharing permissions in OneDrive do the heavy lifting by only granting edit permissions as desired. Network: You can edit the permissions on the file under a security tab in the properties to only allow edits by specific users Email: Use the "Protect Workbook" tool under the "Review" ribbon. You will set a password and only send it to the people that are allowed to edit.

@Jagodragon I am sharing via OneDrive, but am very new to using it.  Can you elaborate further on how to allow only certain users the ability to edit?


Assuming that you're using the the web portal for OneDrive:


1) Click on the share icon

2) On the line that says "To: Name, group, or email", enter who you want to share with.

3) Next to that line, select the permissions drop down. It looks like a pencil icon.

4) Select the pencil with a line through it.

5) click send


people will still be able to down load and modify the data, but they should not be able to change the file on OneDrive.