Allow External User to Open in Desktop App

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I have O365 business, and I shared an Excel file with an external user (not in our AAD/domain).


They can open the Excel file in their browser with Excel Online, but the "open in desktop app" doesn't show up for them.


Is there a setting I can change to allow this external user to open the file in the full Excel program?

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this is actually a Sharepoint question. When you share the link to the excel file there are different options available to make the link read-only, make it edittable, and for internal and external users. You need to change the link settings/permissions in Sharepoint.
Appreciate the reply. I found a thread that lists out the details:

That includes some direct responses from Microsoft indicating how it works (and unfortunately how it won't work for me).

@Shawn Keene To allow "Open in Desktop" functionality, you need to add the person you are collaborating with as a Guest in your Azure Directory. Follow these steps: 


Once your Guest is added, go to the file or folder you would like to share, and enter the Guest email address.


Note: In order for it to work, make sure your org settings allow sharing with guests: 


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