All gridlines and visible cell selection, disappear after attempting copy/paste in excel.

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This has happened in my two most recent installs on my current and last laptop. Seems to occur randomly but in this case happens when I do paste special between two different cells.

This has nothing to do with formatting, I am talking about the gridlines regardless of formatting when I copy e.g. five horizontal cells from one worksheet to another, using the paste special function.

Has anyone experienced this and can anyone help?

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Does the issue go away when you change the view, for example by going to another sheet and back, or by pressing page-down and then page up?

@Jan Karel Pieterse 
Thanks. Only goes away when you completely close/exit the file and re-open or when you completely close/exit excel and re-open.

Interesting. Does it help to change File, Options, General, When Using multiple displays (at the top)
I currently have this set for "compatibility"
Do you recommend that I change that for best appearance? I felt my second monitor seems to work better with the "compatibility" setting.

@tedsamuel I honestly don't know! I would say, experiment!