AI data analysis features is not find in excel

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Previously, while using Windows 10 and Excel 2019, I frequently utilized the AI data analysis features in Excel. However, since upgrading to Windows 11, I am no longer able to locate or access these features. Despite contacting Microsoft Customer Support, the issue remains unresolved.

Could you please guide me on how to restore the AI data analysis tools in Excel under the Windows 11 environment? Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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What is "AI data analysis tools" ? Do you mean Analyze Data or Analysis ToolPack or some third-part tool?

Sir, thank you for replying to me. The tool I am referring to is not the Data Analysis Toolpak, nor is it a third-party app. It is the "Analyze Data" button, which works based on natural language processing. This button was previously located in the right corner of the Home tab and was provided by Microsoft. It helps generate pivot tables and many other things by simply giving a query. I have been using this tool for 6 months on Windows 10, but after switching to Windows 11, it is no longer showing. Please help me get it back.


Analyze Data is available only for few languages, please see Notes in the middle of this Analyze Data in Excel - Microsoft Support page.

Perhaps shifting on Windows 11 you changed your regional settings and/or installed languages.