age in months calculation

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I need to calculate if a person is 20 months old today or will be 20 months old this year based on a dob. I've tried with some datedif but I can't figure out how I would calculate this. 


If I do a datedif and grab kids 20 months to 31 months, I'm getting kids who were greater than 20 months in January. So if a kid turns 20 months in January I want them on the file. If they were 22 months in January, I don't want them. If they turn 20 months in February, I want them on the file. So I only want them on the file if they turn 20 months in this calendar year.

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so EDATE will offset dob (date of birth) by 20 months so basically the date they turn 20 months old and then check if that YEAR() is this year (2022) or substitute a different reference as needed.