after Sort assigned NAME column & row didn't move with data

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using COL A thru E.   I assign a NAME (EU_Holidays) to Cols D & E rows 52 to 68 (='Holidays Tables'!$D$52:$E$68).  I assign two more NAMES (NA & AP) using other Rows.  I sort Col A-F to get the holiday region in order (Col A).  The Sort works, but the NAME areas do not move with the data.  After the Sort the EU name is pointing to NA area, NA is pointing to AP area, etc.   I took the '$' off the Row (='Holidays Tables'!$D52:$E68) thinking that the Sort would move the NAME after the Sort.  But when I take the '$' off the  NAME area row changes to a different Row number.    How to Sort and keep the assigned NAME with the proper data.  TIA. 

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Name keeps reference on cell range, not on values within it. For the Name it doesn't matter which values are within the range and how they are sorted. You may create few separate Tables instead and use reference on such Tables columns.