After a writing exam, i would like to put on a formula that helps me grade with letters

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Hello Everyone ! 

I need help using the if formula on excel. What i need to do, is if the student made less than 4, it's A. Between 5 and 7 B. Between 8 and 10, C. Between 11 and 13 D and lastly, equals or more to 14 E. The formula i tried works with A and E, but not all the rest. I have tried many variations with no luck... Any help ? 

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Place your limits in a small table, for instance like this:



Suppose your grade is in cell C1, then this formula gets the letter belonging to that grade:



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@SM258 Please find the IF statement 

Don't really understand how to use the formula ... nor how to make the small table correspond with the betweens i'm aiming at
The betweens are automatically catered for by this formula.
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