Advanced Formula Environment does not install Desktop 365

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1. Desktop 365 version  Windows 10

2. no information in Add-ins or usual folders


3. no information on installing the add-in

4. an xlsx file with a message stating once you install the add-in you can access it is all that showed up

5. I have read all the information that I can find multiple times

6. This PC has Windows 10 but I could try on Windows 11.

7. Name shows  but message is "Failed to Load  Retry"

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It shall be available even for web version of Excel. Do you install from here?


@Sergei Baklan 


I tried that approach and the message is "Failed to Load".


The add-in never seemed to be available to download.

1. it does not show in the Store

2. no file available to add as an Add-in


How do I remove this version of Excel?

How do I activate access to family version of 365?

Are personal users of Microsoft locked out of this feature?


Okay, let do step by step.

When Insert->Get add-ins do you see any other add-ins?

Forget about Store, let try to add as above

If you are on several subscription, most advanced will be shown. If you are on different accounts, just change it

To my knowledge consumers are not locked-out




No progress

nothing appears to install
the icon shows but program will not load
there are no error messages that provide information

Microsoft will not provide a real response to questions on our account.
They took the money for Office that is not used.
Who can provide some help?