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Looking for assistance with trying to get advanced filter to automatically update when I add new information. I have tried changing VBA code (I'm not great at understanding this feature), but I think what I need it to do, won't let it work. I have a main data tab, that needs to filter out to multiple sheets based on multiple criteria. I can do it using the advanced filter copy function, but it won't update automatically, which is annoying as I change the data monthly and it becomes very time consuming.  

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Without seeing your actual workbook, let me suggest that there is a new FILTER function that is very powerful. You may not need a macro. Here's a YouTube video that gives a solid introduction to that new function--which would require that you have the newest version of Excel.


If this seems to miss the mark, I would invite you to post a copy of your actual workbook or a mockup of it, so that we can get a more complete picture of your situation.

@mathetes thank you very much, that did help!!!