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I have the following formula that works well:


=(IF(AND(H13=1,E33=""),INDEX(Sheet1!C4:H30,MATCH((E31),Sheet1!A4:A30),MATCH(H15,Sheet1!C3:H3,0)),IF(H13=2,INDEX(Sheet1!L4:Q30,MATCH((E31+E33),Sheet1!J4:J30),MATCH(H15,Sheet1!L3:Q3,0)),"Check Entry")))


I need to add a extra expense to this formula where if H14 has 0 there is no additional expense, if H14 has 1 in it then $328 needs to be added to the sum of the above formula, if H14 has 2 or more in it then $492 needs to be added to the sum of the above formula.


Can anyone assist and help me?


Thanks in advance Scott


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@Scott Miller I take your word for it that the formula works, though I believe you have quite a few unnecessary brackets in it. Anyhow, add this to the formula:


and it should add the additional expenses based on what's in H14 (1 or 2).



Thanks for the add, the only thing it seems to get caught up on is if you place more than 2 in H14 then it reverts back to the answer of have nothing in H14?


Is there a way of showing the answer with 1 in H14 (which it does now) and the answer with 2 (which it does now), but leave the answer of having 2 if there is a value higher the 2?


So if you place a 6 (or any number above 2) in H14 it would only show the answer of having 2 in H14?


Cheers Scott

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@Scott Miller Sorry, I  missed the "2 or more" part  your original question. Change the latter part of the extras to :


 Any number greater than or equal to 2 will add 492.

Perfect - Thank you.