Addition resulting in 0 after using formula to remove alpha characters


Need assistance if possible.

I have a data set that is exported as digits, preceded by a letter, in this case F.  This export format is hard wired into the program, so the alpha/numeric combo will remain in the dataset with every export and doesn't change letters or spacing, etc.  I can already utilize either TRIM or RIGHT formulas to remove the preceding letter, and leave the raw numbers in a set of helper columns.  However, I need to add these items together once trimmed of alpha characters and nothing has been able to return a result other than an error (0, #Value or #Error).  Anyone have any thoughts?  attached a basic sample of this set up for reference




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If the addends are in F2:I2, the formula in J2 is:
The double negatives before the range converts the values therein to numbers.

@JoeCavasin , you may use