Addition of automatically sorted numbers

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I wanted to make a table for the Formula 1. So on the one side I have the driver points and on the other side the constructor points. 
Example: On the left are the drivers and on the right side the constructor. One team is one colour!

My problem: I add the numbers on the left side up and on the right side is the sum. But as you can see on the first picture, the numbers aren't sorted. When I sort them manually, the total on the right side stays the same (picture 2). But when I want them to sort automatically, Excel sums up the wrong numbers (picture 3).

Now to my question: Is there a way, that Excel sums up the right numbers, when they are sorted automatically? 

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Maybe you need to revise your Sum formula by adding a criteria in it to tell it what cells are to be added and that way even if you sort the data, the Sum formula would pick up the correct cells and add them. I suggest you to use SUMIF formula and add a criteria column which can be used in Sumif formula.