Adding years to a date

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I am trying to add years to a date.


I've tried 2 formulas but I get a #Value! error.


The first formula is =EDATE(I4,(X4/12))

The second formula is =DATE(YEAR(I4)+w4,month(I3),DAY(I4))


For both formulas the original date is I4.

The number of years is W4.

The number of months is X4.


I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I would be very grateful for any help.

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What value is in I3?
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@Chuck950  So I see a couple things:

The first formula is =EDATE(I4,(X4/12))   --->  EDATE moves by months so try: =EDATE(I4,X4)

The second formula is =DATE(YEAR(I4)+w4,month(I3),DAY(I4))   --->  What is I3?  typo?

On another note please make sure I4 is actually a DATE VALUE and not a text value that just looks like a date.  Simple test: =I4+1  should produce a result of the next day.  If it errors then I4 is most likely text that looks like a date to YOU but not to Excel.



Thank you so much for your help. My vision is poor and I missed the typo. Thank you for catching it.