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Hi All, 


I have a simple question. I have financials across three tabs in an excel split by calendar month. I would like to consolidate all three tabs into one tab by calendar month. What it's the best way to go about this, please?  An image of one of the tabs below - I have three tabs like this I want to group into one tab with totals from each of the tabs... Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Currently, I am creating a new tab adding up by calendar month using sumif for each month, but I am sure there is a better way? 




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Hi @jepthah 


there is a consolidate-function in Excel:

1. Add a new empty worksheet in your existing workbook

2. Open menu path "Data | Consolidate"


3. Choose "Sum" as a function, click in the "Reference"-field and then select the data range in the first sheet


4. Then click on "Add" and repeat this selection for the other two sheets. Make sure that the three checkboxes at the bottom are checked, then click on OK


5. You probably have to adjust the number format on the column headers, so they are shown as dates. And then you have the grouped consolidated results:






@Martin_Weiss  that is super helpful. 

Thank you very much