Adding to a nested statement

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Good morning, I have an equation
=If(AR2="","",IF(BD2<=(AR2+180),"Met","Not Met")) that works fine. I needed to add IF(AR2>BD2,"Evaluate","" when I add to the 1st equation I get an error message. Here is what I inputted =IF(AR2>BD2,"Evaluate","",IF(AR2="","",IF(BD2<=(AR2+180),"Met","Not Met"))
I also tried changing IF to IFS. Can anyone tell me why it doesn't work? Thank you
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@CALLHERMARIE Try, this one:

=IF(AR2>BD2,"Evaluate",IF(AR2="","",IF(BD2<=(AR2+180),"Met","Not Met")))
Good morning, no that doesn't work either. I also tried changing the IF to IFS following your example and no luck. Thank you for your suggestion.
WHY it doesn't work is that you aren't following the correct format for an IF() statement. IF(condition, return if true, return if false) In your attempt you have the condition as AR2>BD2 and return "Evaluate" if true or "" if false AND then you added another IF() statement and Excel has no idea what to do with that and honestly neither do I. When should the condition/check of BD2<=(AR2+180) be done? What are the conditions where each of your requested outputs: "Evaluate", "", "Met", "Not Met" be returned? or are you trying to get the output to be "Evaluate Met" vs "Evaluate Not Met"?