Adding the automate tab


Iv seen on another computer the Automate Tab, don't know how it got their but on my own computer I can't find this to add it.. iv tried in the file,options,customize ribbon and even the add in section but still can't find it... any help.. I'm using Microsoft 365.

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@Hans Vogelaar your reply was very clear, but I can't seem to find my Adim app, I installed office 365 on this computer so I thought admin app would be along with excel app and word app and others but it's not. iv even tried to log into but that don't show anything different apart from asking if i would like to buy office 365 or download free, 


Do you have one of those corporate subscriptions mentioned in the article?

I use excel constantly and have word. Also have publisher and power point and one drive if that's the apps in question


Sure. But the article states that you must have a special version of Microsoft 365 that is part of a multi-user license for large corporations and organizations, not a standard personal or business license.