adding ROWS to the spreadsheet

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I would like to use the template  I require additional ROWS for data is several of the tables.   I am unable to accomplish this task and maintain some formulas/totals.   

Are these Pivot tables ?   I have tried to research ADDING ROWS which I know how to complete in a basic spreadsheet - this has me frustrated though. 

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@rosbo1 Quite a fancy template. Lots of colors which are almost painful to the eye. But the good thing is that it uses structured tables. On the Start page they suggest this:

Screenshot 2022-06-01 at 07.50.38.png

On the 2nd sheet there is a note telling you what to do if you want to add rows.

Screenshot 2022-06-01 at 07.43.31.png

So, on the Planned, Actual and Variances sheets you can add rows within each of the tables but you have to do that in each of the sheets and the inserted rows have to in the same place.

The template gives you four expanse categories, each with its own table in three separate sheets. Then the Analysis sheet links to these tables. If you would want to add an expense category, you need to create a table for it in each of the sheets in a similar way as the current tables. Then add a row to the analysis table, manually link the correct cells and make sure that the graphs are updated correctly. All in all, quite a lot of work for an otherwise not very useful template. But that's just my personal opinion.

@Riny_van_Eekelen Thank you for the reply.
I reached out to the community after I was unable to perform the list of help items noted on the spreadsheet template . 
Thanks for taking a look 

@rosbo1 Okay! Just wanted to make clear that it take quite an effort to adjust such a template. The are designed to be used as is. If you can specify what exactly you want to change I can see what I can do.


Did you ever find out how to add a new table to this template. I have the same issue and I know the template is clunky but it's already so established that I have to press on with this template. Please let me know if you found an answer. 


I can add rows now prob, but additional tables is the issue.