Adding rows to a table without previous values getting updated.

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I have an example where I want a table to be made with values from certain cells on the same worksheet. These cells providing the input for the table change. So when extending the table the value is always the most updated value, but the input of the table is always based on the same cells. But I can't stop the previous rows from updating. I can only manage this when I paste value only. But this requires manual work and I'd like this to work automatically.

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You will need VBA to achieve that. Would you please share the layout of the Sheet? i.e. a sample excel file, not an image?

Yes I have uploaded the file, I've used fictional numbers. The thing that I want is in the 'Net Worth' sheet, when adding a line in the table the values get extracted from the small table on the right where the saldi are. And the older values not being updated. Thanks
I uploaded it to the original post.


Let me know if I understood this correctly.


1. The Input Table (Table6) will have only three rows which you can update by inputting new values in Saldi Column in the range N3:N5.

2. Each time you update the Input Table, you want a new row to be added in Table5 updating the columns C, D and E where N3 value will go in column D, N4 value will go in column C and N5 value will go in column E.


Is that correct?

1. That is indeed the purpose, the values will be updated automatically when adding transactions to sheet 1 and refreshing stock data.

2. It is not exactly each time the input changes that I would want a new row to the table, but more when I choose to add a row (for example when I've updated the date on sheet 1) and I decide all changes have been made.