Adding rows to a table based on text in another table.

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Hi All,

I'm using Excel for project management in a single workbook.

I set up one sheet for all Site data (named General) which includes Site ID (the master key), Address, Contact details, etc. These are all the locations we may be required to perform work at.

The other sheets are for each type of Work that may need to be performed at a site, e.g. Survey, Remedial Work, Cable Audit, etc.

Not all sites require all types of Work, so I need a way to automatically add a Site to a specific Work sheet.

To do this, in the General tab I've added columns for each type of Work and entered "Yes" in the cell if that type of Work is required.

How do I get Excel to automatically add a site to a table in the relevant Work sheet?

I have experience using IF, THEN and VLOOKUP statements, but struggling to find the right combination to make this work.

Thanks in advance.

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Please attach the sample file so that my suggested formula won’t be riddled with plenty of assumptions.