Adding "filename" and "active worksheet name" to a specific cell

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Trying to add the "filename" to a cell, and the "active worksheet name" to a different cell.  I do not want the full path for the filename, just the filename.  Same for the "active worksheet name" path.


Got the filename figured out, but what's the formula for just adding the "active worksheet name" to a cell?



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For 365, it's:


Does not work in Excel for the web.

Thank you. I get the active worksheet name, but it applies it to all worksheets. Can it just apply to the active worksheet?
For clarity, when it updates on a specific sheet showing the active worksheet name, it also updates the worksheet name on all worksheets to the new active worksheet name. We want each worksheet to show it's own name and update when the active worksheet name is changed on the tab. How do you adjust the formula?