Adding numbers that are displayed

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How do I add the numbers that are displayed?

For example, if the format of my cells is Numbers with 2 digits after the decimal, and cell A1 contains the number 1.407 it displays as 1.41 and

cell B1 contains the number 1.107 it displays as 1.11.

If I do a SUM in cell C1 it displays 2.51 (2.514 rounded).

How do I get cell C1 to display 2.52 (1.41+1.11) instead?

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See what I've done in the attached, in column B.

I entered your numbers in column A, but then in B used the formula: =ROUND(A1,2) so that 1.407 is itself rounded to two decimal places. That's what you need to do: change the numbers that are being added. 


Otherwise, you do realize, that your first way of doing it is technically more accurate, even if it looks odd.

Thank you @mathetes I really appreciate it! I will give it a try.