Adding numbers created by the IF function in a row

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I am using Excel 2019 and am setting up a golf scorecard to tabulate points for the Stableford system.  I have gotten the formula to work by nesting the conditions but I can't add up the numbers in the row.  The SUM function does not work when trying to add the numbers in these cells.

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What is the formula for the score?

=IF(E7=1,"6", IF(E7=2,"4",IF(E7=3,"2",IF(E7=4,"1",IF(E7>4,"0"))))) for a par 3.
=IF(F7=1,"6", IF(F7=2,"6",IF(F7=3,"4",IF(F7=4,"2",IF(F7=5,"1",IF(F7>5,"0")))))) for a par 4.
=IF(D7=1,"6", IF(D7=2,"6",IF(D7=3,"6",IF(D7=4,"4",IF(D7=5,"2",IF(D7=6,"1",IF(D7>6,"0"))))))) for a par 5.
This translates into eagle or better = 6 points. Birdie =4 points. Par=2 points. Bogey=1 point. Double Bogey or more= 0 points.
My formulas work but when I use the SUM function to add the numbers for holes 1-9 or 10-18 on the row it comes up zero. It is like the function is not seeing the data in those cells as numbers.
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Yes, SUM() ignores any texts and calculates only numbers. It shall be

=IF(E7=1,6, IF(E7=2,4,...

instead of

=IF(E7=1,"6", IF(E7=2,"4",...

assuming the rest is correct.

Thank you Sergei! As simple as getting rid of the quotation marks. It works like a charm now!!

@John_Chellew954 , you are welcome, glad to help