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Hello everyone!


I have an excel file with time and date stamps. The data has time stamps arranged from 6am to 6pm everyday for a whole year in 1 column. But we decide to make it 12 am to 12pm everyday. Since the data is in 10 minutes time stamps, this means I need to add rows for 12am to 5:50am and 6:10 pm to 11:50pm everyday for a whole year in that column. Does anyone know a faster method to do this without having to create this rows for each day?


PS: For every day, I have additional set of data. This means for the new rows created everyday i.e., 12am to 5:50am and 6:10 pm to 11:50pm, I need to copy and paste these additional data as well.


Thanks alot for the help.

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@iammanny Since you only have to do this once, the easiest is probably to insert a column a temporary column as shown in the picture below.

Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 07.44.38.png

Let's assume the time stamps (6am to 6pm with 10 minute intervals) are proper time values in column A, then you can add 0.25 to each of these time values. That will increase the times by 6 hours.

(Excel calculates time as a portion of 1 day containing 24 hours. Six hours thus equals 0.25 of one day.)

Now copy column B and paste as values to A. Remove column B and you are all set.