Adding in Excel new function extract() everywhere()

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To improve Excel experience I suggest for #excel team
0) shortcut to have list of different excel tables in workbook like fn+f3
1) Add the function or the option everywhere(), or first(), last(), second() to replace wildcard * in Xlookup and XMatch without an extra argument 2 for wildcard, [Xlookup("*word*",...], [Xlookup("*word",...], [Xlookup("word*",...] --> [Xlookup(everywhere(word),...], [Xlookup(first(word),...],[Xlookup(last(word),...]

2)To find the word before/after "-" for example in a text, you can add before() function and after() function like that:

a) before(delimiter, text) to find the substring before the first occurrence of "-"

b) after(delimiter, text) to find the substring after the last occurrence of "-"

c) between(text, first delimiter1, delimiter2) to extract the substring between first delimiter and second delimiter

d) extract() function to all pervious tasks with different arguments,
1) extract(text, before, delimiter1, [delimiter2])
2) extract(text, after, delimiter1, [delimiter2])
3) extract(text, between, delimiter1, [delimiter2])


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