Adding dropdown list and the likes

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I just discovered how to make an entry/registration form but my research skills are all over the place with regard to how to add details. Namely:
1. I'd like to add a calendar for the Birthday. I think it'll be more convenient than typing in say mm/dd/yyyy
2. A dropdown list of names of churches
3. A lot of those churches are part of a district. And I would like that the district name will appear once they select their church (I'm thinking of making this optional though)

4. The status will be either of the following:
a. Registered

b. Dropped

c. Transfered In

d. Transfered Out

e. Deceased

f. Returnee

registration form.png

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The data form built into Excel cannot be customized in any way. You would have to create your own form as a userform in the Visual Basic Editor.