adding data set on mac book

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every time I try to add a new data set along with my first one it doesnt work please help

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"doesn't work" is, sadly, not a good description of the problem. There are myriad ways to "not work."


More helpful would be a more complete description of what does happen:

  • what exists before you go to add that new data set
    • is it a set of rows and columns;
    • is it defined as an Excel table with its own name (even if just "Table1" or something similar)
  • what's the nature of the new data set
    • what does happen--error message? Excel crashes? something else? when you try to add it?
  • And backing up even further, what is the whole spreadsheet dealing with?

If it's not confidential or proprietary, is it possible for you to place a copy of the spreadsheet on OneDrive or GoogleDrive and paste a link here that grants edit access to it?