Adding currency symbol to a pivot chart data table

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Hello, does anyone know how to add currency symbols to a pivot chart data table? I have done everything, I right clicked on the chart and went to values --> value field settings --> show value as currency. The Y axis is showing the currency but the table under the chart will not change. Again this is is a pivot chart and the pivot table is formatted to show currency as well. I have attached a picture with an example of what the chart currently looks like. Thank you. 

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Hi Brittany


Just to check my understanding, did you right click onto the desired cell (that contains the number) in the PivotTable, go to Value Field Settings > Number Format, and change it to Currency?


That's the way I know to add it in, but others in the forum might know a better way?


Good luck!




right-click any number in the pivot table series, click Value Field Settings and in the dialog click the Number format button. Select the desired format. It will be applied to the pivot table and also to the data table of the pivot chart.


2018-01-10_pivot cht data format.gif

Yes, I did that and no change. 

I was hoping that would work but it didn't. All the numbers in the pivot data have been converted to  currency but the data table in the pivot chart still reads as general, even after I refresh. 

Mmm the only other thing I can think of is if you can upload a sample of the file, we can have a play and see if we can set it for you!




How do you generate your Power Chart? If like

Insert->Power Chart-> Use this workbook data model

and from table from data model when changing format of PivotTable colums won't affect formats for chart data table.

Thank you. It worked 

Thank you so much !  This helped me.  @Sergei Baklan 

@jessbwell , you are welcome, glad to help.

many thanks exactly what I needed!