adding columns to a linked worksheet to sort with worksheet

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I have a master worksheet that I use to enter information.

I have separate worksheets that contain columns that are linked to information from my master, and columns that are NOT linked to the master.

When I sort the MASTER, any worksheet containing the linked columns sort properly, however causing the information in the unlinked columns to become out of sort and incorrect. 

How can I fix this so the information in the unlinked columns stay with the linked columns once sorted?

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@kheffley Consider NOT having separate worksheets. Excel has great capabilities to filter and summarise raw data in many ways, using built-in functions. Easiest when all data is in one data set.

@kheffley Can't really answer without seeing the data you are dealing with.


See attached workbook with worksheets I am working with.  I am an amateur when it comes to excel so try not to be too hard on criticizing my creation:)

@kheffley See attached workbook. I have inserted a sheet called "Raw Data" that holds all information you are collecting. No fancy formatting, no empty rows and rather than working with colors, add a separate column for the status that you are indicating with them. I would also put the notes is a separate column, NOT attach them to a cell like you have done (changed that for a few, but not all). The idea is that all information is visible, accessible in one single structured table. From there, you can sort the data, create summaries and reports. It depends a bit on your Excel version, though, and how comfortable you are with e.g. Pivot Tables.

I have been forced to copy the workbook and date the file and save it.
This has helped me some when there is an error and I must deduce over time the mistake.
What does that mean?
I am experiencing this same issue. I am new to the Office world.  I have spent the past decade working with Google.  Google spreadsheets intuitively sorts data correctly across sheets and files, because there is a need sometimes for different sheets. There are other features that Google Sheets seems to have, freezing multiple columns and rows for example, that doesn't seem to function the same in the Office world, at least the cloud world. Again, I am new to the Office world so maybe I am missing something; however, I feel, the intuitivity of Office needs to be elevated in this area. Highest requesting of feature.