Adding Column in Excel Table with text inputs

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I created a excel table using Power Query in Excel and added a column to within excel to the table and not part of power query.  I wanted to use this column to add a text comment.  However, anytime I refresh the data the text stay in the row that originated from but the data associated with the text comments moves to a new row.  This is creating unrelated text analysis on an unrelated row.  Is there a way to keep the text associated with the query data results when refreshing the data?  

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Yes, if you have unique ID for each record in query. You return source query, add column with comments, query such table again and merge with initial one. All shall be done as steps with one query, not as separate ones. More details is here Self Referencing Tables in Power Query - Excelerator BI

@SergeiBaklan That worked! Thanks for your help.

@Eileen3524 , you are welcome