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I have a spreadsheet with a bunch of data in the first number of rows. I have decided to add another column to a section of information down the bottom of the spreadsheet however this then ruins all the data above it. How do I go about adding the column but not disrupting data above? 

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@rmh88 Well, adding a column does what it suggests. It adds an entire column. What you probably want is the insert a range of cells and move any existing content towards the right. 


Select the area where you want to create extra space. Right-click, Insert and select 'Shift cells right'

Hi Riny,
Thank you for your reply! It is not exactly what I wanted to do as I wanted the extra column to be under the "umbrella" of a merged cell above it. In order to do this I assume I would have to unmerge and re-merge every row that is currently sitting above it and then have column widths that don't meet what I want exactly. So essentially I want to split the cell but I don't have the excel know-how to successfully do that. Is that possible?

@rmh88 Can't visualize what you are trying to achieve. Sorry. Can you share a file (Onedrive or similar)? 

As a general comment, merged cells should be avoided unless you are in the final stage of creating a report page to make it look nice(r). But even then, they often do more harm than good.


I have just DM you :)

@rmh88 And replied. The merged cells made it a bit more difficult to copy/paste partial columns in your table. but it didn't take more than 5 minutes to shift some data around and add the formulas at the bottom.