Adding Author to footer each time worksheet is opened

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I have a spreadsheet that can be edited by several people.  Is it possible to have the footer automatically change the author every time the spreadsheet is opened?

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This is something that would require a macro but macro won't work with excel online if you or anyone else uses that and the user must have security setting set to allow macros and to allow the macros in that sheet. As for excel online, I don't know if a script could do it or not but that might be an alternative but then desktop has mixed compatibility with scripts and the script must be activated (i.e. click a button) as opposed to automatic on open.
In word you could do something like this using 'parts' and it would be updated on saving but excel doesn't have many 'variables' that can be inserted into the header/footer (i.e. page number, filename, path, etc...)
Another option might be using Power Automate if the file is in SharePoint but again not sure if it can get triggered on open or only on save/change and if you can edit the footer and such.
Last comment is that in SharePoint you can see/track changes and see changes others have made (but not necessarily if they only opened it)