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I have a formula that rounds down a sum of a Column if another Column has an "x" in it. I need to add another column to this formula but I am having mental issues with it


Right now it is giving me the rounded down sum of column "c" if there is not an "x" in column E.

Using this formula, "=ROUNDDOWN(SUMIF('RS-00019'!$E:$E,"<>X",'RS-00019'!$C:$C),0)".

I need to now also account for column F if there is a date. So i only want the sum of cells in column C  if there is no "X" in E and a date in F.  I hope this makes sense because for some reason it is giving me fits.


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Hi @dta2112 


=ROUNDDOWN(SUMIFS('RS-00019'!C:C, 'RS-00019'!D:D,">0", 'RS-00019'!E:E,"<>x"),0)

 Thank You, I knew I was overthinking it but just couldn't wrap my head around it @L z. 

@dta2112. Glad I could help. Next time(s) don't forget to mark the response (link at the bottom of each reply you get) - This can help those who search this site...
Thanks @Hans Vogelaar for doing it on your behalf