Adding actions inside advance option to QAT

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Hello Guys,
I often navigate to options and advance option and tick or untick the hide sheet tabs
How can I add that process to Quick Access toolbar?

Thanks you!

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So far I know, it is not possible to add the option to hide or unhide sheet tabs from the Advanced Options menu directly to the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT).

The QAT allows you to add commands that are independent of the currently displayed tab on the ribbon, but it seems that only commands can be added to the QAT, not options from the Advanced Options menu.


However, you can use a macro to automate the process of hiding or unhiding sheet tabs.

Here's an example of a macro that toggles the display of sheet tabs:

Sub ToggleSheetTabs()
    With ActiveWindow
        .DisplayWorkbookTabs = Not .DisplayWorkbookTabs
    End With
End Sub

Once you have created the macro, you can add it to the QAT for easy access.

To do this, click on `Customize the Quick Access Toolbar`,

then click on `More Commands`.

In the `Choose commands from` list,

select `Macros`,

then select the macro you want to add and click on `Add`.


I hope this helps!

Thank you. I will try this.