Adding a PDF Report into Excel program

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I am trying to export a PDF file about 10 pages into my excel program. How do I find out what style of PDF can format into my excel document? 

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Hi @KarenHolmans, Please note the following link: I think it can be useful for you. Good luck.


ou try to integrate the PDF file and the result is the absolutely incomprehensible error message “The source application of the opened object cannot be started”?

Is that the problem?

That means nothing else than “Unfortunately the right reader is missing with which Excel actually loads the PDF file. And it won't work with your stupid replacement reader! ”When you have arrived at this point, you have to install Adobe Reader - otherwise it won't work and otherwise the object selection of the“ Adobe Acrobat Document ”object won't be available.

If Excel does not insert the PDF despite Adobe Reader
As a rule, you can insert your PDF into Excel as soon as you have installed Adobe Reader. But if it still doesn't work and Adobe Reader was already installed, you have to change a setting there.

With this setting you can still insert your PDF into Excel:
Starts the Adobe Reader.
Opens the settings under Edit → Preferences (key combination CTRL + K).
Switches to Security (advanced) in the selection on the left.
Now you can see the (active) option Activate Protected Mode at startup on the right.
Deactivates this option, confirms a request and closes the program.

Now there shouldn't be any more trouble. This security setting blocks some functions of the program - including the exchange of data with other applications.

* Knowing the Excel version and operating system is always an advantage.


Hope I was able to help you.



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